Vcare Shikkakai Paste Review

What is Shikkakai?

Scientifically it’s called Acacia Concinna, a climbing shrub native to Asia. In order to prepare it, the fruit shell leaves and bark of the plant are dried, ground into a powder and then made into a paste.

It is mild and naturally low in pH, so it does not strip hair of natural oils which is really good in case you frequently wash your hair or on a journey in trying to grow out your hair. Shikkakai also acts as a conditioner and an infusion of its leaves is used to treat dandruff.

Vcare Shikkakai Paste: Sulfate and Paraben free

When I was grocery shopping in India while on a vacation, I came across this product on the hair care rack and instantly it drew my attention. Of course being a huge sucker for Sulfate and Paraben free products I had to get it and try it.

HOW I USED THIS PASTE: I oiled my hair with virgin coconut oil and went into shower to try Vcare Shikkakai Paste. The paste is dark colored and smells very organic and natural. It surly took me back to childhood during those years when I grew up with my Grandmother and she used the powdered form to wash my hair. #goodolddays

So I squeezed the paste, rubbed it between my palms, applied all over my wet hair and massaged on my scalp using my fingertips.
After 2 to 3 mins, I rinsed it and felt my hair squeaky clean. Shikkakai is known to be a good cleanser.

MY TAKE: I love the product and will surly be repurchasing it. Although I live in Kuwait and have not found this product in the stores yet is making me very sad :( Any of my reader’s in Kuwait if you found this product here, please let me know and I would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading and lots of love


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