As I was trimming my nails, I saw those brittle looking and feeling edges and wondered my faith sometimes is same, unless I take the time to refresh & clean up, just like doing my nails would help my faith stay strong too. Like nails everyone needs their faith trimmed and kept fresh and clean.

It may sound funny but faith needs to be trimmed time to time and kept fresh and strong. Sometimes all of us get to that point “ I am losing all my Faith” or “I have Lost all Faith”. I have been there! That's when your faith is chipped and weak and needs trimming, cleaning & filing to keep it feeling fresh strong and healthy. Sometimes you could polish them as well with the word of God.

However, this is my thought and my Faith needs Trimming, Cleaning and Filing at times and I will continue doing this because, I am not giving up! And I believe neither should you 

In the end I will always have Clean Nails and Fullest Faith.