Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Sunsilk refreshing dry shampoo

I had been looking for a dry shampoo for a while now! I hate washing my hair often because I have dry skin combination and it can get very irritating.

I needed something that can keep my hair clean and crisp for 3rd days hair, and avoid washing my hair. I had purchased a few dry shampoos but none really won my heart and it went right into the bin from the first time I used it, and if I did not like them. So getting into the post, what I was looking for in a dry shampoo:

1. Fresh feel
2. Smells fresh
3. Light on hair and scalp
4. Leave my hair soft and shinny
5. Does not leave a white powdery residue on my hair and scalp

And I am glad to let you guys know that all above wishes are granted because of this awesome Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo and I am happy to share this product with you.

Hope this post helped you and take care!


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