Dead Sea Mud Mineral Mask

Dead Sea Mud

Minerals and Mud: Life-giving Qualities of the Dead Sea

There are more than 35 different types of minerals can be found in the Dead Sea's waters, and many people vouch wholeheartedly for the life-altering qualities these minerals possess.

The mineral salts are believed to cure or alleviate the symptoms of ailments ranging from skin problems such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis to rheumatic diseases, like various forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The Dead Sea is the lowest surface on Earth, at 400 meters below sea level. It is located in the Middle East, bordered by Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel. It is more of a lake than a "sea," fed by the Jordan River.

The fresh water evaporates, however, leaving a salt concentration which is seven times stronger than that of the ocean. Beyond tiny microbes, no life can survive in the water. Wow... is'n this cool.

Did You Know?

1. Not only does Dead Sea mud contain these beneficial minerals, but it's also been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria.

2. And there are even claims that they erase stretch marks and cellulite.

3. Dead Sea mud mask nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.

4. Dead Sea Mud Mask Stimulates Circulation.

5. Dead Sea Mud Mask Removes Dead Skin Cells

6. Dead Sea mud mask is suitable for all skin types

Many More....

Avocado & Milk Hair Mask

Wait! did you know that, the early Egyptians were the first to realize Avocado's benefits and it is now more widely known. They used this fruit because it prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. How cool is that! Hair fall issues back then and even now... Looks like women from a long time have been battling hair fall.

Avocados are rich in potassium, Vitamin E, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fiber, folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, copper and protein and have been used in treating a ton of skin and hair ailments. Also, avocado is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Their natural fatty richness are good for skin and hair.

Instead of buying Avocado hair mask you can always make one and know for sure its 100% Avocado ingredient you have used.

What you need

o Avocado 1
o Full Cream Milk or Full Cream Milk Powder either one should do :)

What you need

This amazing fruit can do wonders to your scalp and hair only if you give it a chance. Trust me!

It's easy as abcd... Pick a ripped avocado fruit and mash it fine or use a blender in case your are lazy.

Add one or if you feel generous two spoon full cream milk powder and blend well... See was'n that easy.

Now apply it all over your head and let it soak for 30 to 45 mins and rinse through with Shampoo and Conditioner.. if you want to see how amazing this is skip the conditioner and you will see the difference it made in your hair and scalp.

Avocado Benefits for Hair

I know there are many benefits, but I would like to state all the proven results on my hair

o It moisturized hair
o Rejuvenated my scalp
o Added tons ad tons of shine to my hair
o It helped & healed my dry damaged ends
o My hair felt full and healthy and I was happy as a little girl♥

Adding to this, for some reason my hair turned a bit black and I was Pleasantly Surprised!

Speaking of side effects, there are very few sides effects to this fruit unless you consume it. However, since we are not consuming this. We can totally skip this and make it short and sweet to read.

Milk Benefits For Hair

o It helps dry and rough hair
o Excellent conditioner
o Adds shiny hair

If you want to know how to apply it then click on the below link :)


Nails & Faith

Nails & Faith

As I was trimming my nails, I saw those brittle looking and feeling edges and wondered my faith sometimes is same, unless I take the time to refresh & clean up, just like doing my nails would help my faith stay strong too. Like nails everyone needs their faith trimmed and kept fresh and clean.

It may sound funny but faith needs to be trimmed time to time and kept fresh and strong. Sometimes all of us get to that point “ I am losing all my Faith” or “I have Lost all Faith”. I have been there! That's when your faith is chipped and weak and needs trimming, cleaning & filing to keep it feeling fresh strong and healthy. Sometimes you could polish them as well with the word of God.

However, this is my thought and my Faith needs Trimming, Cleaning and Filing at times and I will continue doing this because, I am not giving up! And I believe neither should you 

In the end I will always have Clean Nails and Fullest Faith.

turmeric for Hair

Turmeric for Hair – Really?

I have boggled my mind with trying to get rid of Dry Skin / Dandruff for several months until I started discovering that help was in my kitchen. Sometimes we do not really see the cure that is available around us but go looking for it elsewhere… have you done that? Well I certainly was not only looking but was also running to seek answers to cure my dry scalp for it was so uncomfortable to live life with skin flaking and falling off 24/7 365 days… Disgusting right!

But not all of us are born into perfection and one needs to work on attaining perfection is what I believe! Be it Life, Character, Skin, Hair and so on…

While researching on this, I figured out that not many have shared on how to use this, but just its benefits. So I was curious enough to try it on my hair in numerous ways and to reap much benefit out of this wonderful spice that has several healing abilities to it.

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Treatment for Dandruff:

1. Warm-up your favorite hair oil for 10 to 20 seconds in a microwavable container. Drop a few pinches of turmeric powder into the warm oil and mix it well. Comb your hair thoroughly to untangle and use your fingers to massage the oil mixture into your scalp and hair well. Plastic wrap for 15 to 20 minutes before shower time. It removes the signs of dandruff by increasing circulation in your scalp and provides nutrition to your hair follicles.

You can also steam your hair if you have a steamer (mild steaming) with plastic wrap on or use a hot towel (Not White Certainly). Also keep aside a towel especially for this treatment since turmeric has a strong color to it and it might leave your towels with its color.

2. Prevents Hair Loss:

Turmeric mixed with any of your hair pack.

• Yogurt and Turmeric
• Honey Milk and Turmeric
• Egg and Turmeric
• Avocado Honey and Turmeric
• Coconut Milk / Cream & Turmeric
• Strawberry Antioxidant Pack For Hair Growth with Turmeric
• Fenugreek Hair Mask For Dandruff / Hair Fall with Turmeric
• Gram Flour Protein Hair Pack with Turmeric

Many More Hair masks will be posted soon!

Turmeric can be used in the treatment of various scalp conditions such as dermatitis and eczema that can lead to itchy, flaky skin, inflammation and thinning of hair. Fungal infections can also cause hair loss. Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric is effective against these ailments due to its anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

TURMERIC SIDE EFFECTS - Since we are not consuming Turmeric :). We are left with very little side effects.

1. Allergic Reaction

Turmeric is generally safe in individuals of all age groups if consumed within 1500 mg/ day; however, some individuals may develop nausea, vomiting, gastric upset or diarrhea with high (or sometimes with normal doses). Turmeric containing ointments and lotions may lead to skin allergy, rash and burning sensation in some genetically susceptible individuals. In severe cases, hives, contact dermatitis and anaphylaxis may also develop

If you have a known history of allergy to organic coloring agents (especially yellow colored agents that include curcumin, there are fair chances that you will also be allergic to turmeric. In addition, since turmeric and ginger are members of same family, individuals who have allergy to any member of ginger family may also develop reaction to turmeric


Beauty Inside Out DIY Tips & Tricks

How To Use Garlic For Hair Growth?

Salon treatments can get expensive at times and sometimes we end up doing more harm than good. We really do not know the chemicals used in the treatments. At least I don't! along with that much styling using heat and chemicals my case “stress” may lead to various hair issues like dryness, frizz, hair fall and less growth of hair.

Although, we cannot give up on using products, some simple ingredients which is available in our kitchen can help our hair much needed boost and health. Garlic to the Rescue!

Now let’s look into how you we can use them:

We all love oiling our hair don’t we… if you are not, then start oiling your hair regularly in order to help your hair breath and keep it alive …Here are few tips on how I use garlic to my Hair Care Routine :)

•Hot Oil with Coconut and minced Garlic: Chop Garlic really fine and heat a sauce pan in slow or less heat. Add some coconut oil and almost bring to boil then add your finely minced garlic into it and enjoy the sizzle until its turn dark brown. Make sure to keep a watch, then take your pan off the heat and let it cool completely.

Now Let see some benefits .. Shall We!

• It aids hair follicles by eliminating harmful substances from the scalp
• The properties of garlic help in treating the affected scalp and dandruff
• Garlic helps improve the texture of your hair and strengthens the roots- (I so need this :))
• The compound allicin present in garlic helps in increasing the circulation of hemoglobin towards the scalp, thus minimizing hair fall to a great extent.
• Raw garlic is highly enriched with Vitamin C which is great for the health of your hair.
• Garlic also contains iron which aids blood flow to the hair follicles.
• Its properties of killing germs and bacteria help in fighting against various bacterial infections.

And Many More!!!!!

Then remove/filter the fried garlic and pour it into microwavable container, heat it up for 10 to 20 sec. Once you have your oil ready… make sure it is more than warm and start massaging your scalp in circular motion and evenly comb through with wide tooth comb and let it sit for 1 or more hour and wash clean and enjoy you beautiful hair.

And be sure that you have done your very best to your hair… and your hair is loving you back :)

•Adding garlic to my natural oils: You can instill garlic into your oil such as olive or coconut almond oil.

How- Chop some garlic into very small pieces (dry fry them( no oil) if you like in nonstick pan) and put it in the oil in a jar or bottle over a period of time,say 10 days. This concoction should be kept in the fridge to prevent it from going rotten.

This is the magic portion : Advise mixing about a tablespoon of this oil into your shampoos, deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, pre-shampoo treatments where you can be sure to wash your hair afterwards to avoid the garlicky smell.

Happy Hair Day All! Hope you Like it. Let me know how it turns out!

A Time for everything under the Heaven!

A Time for everything under the Heaven!

Time we were born in Love, And Time we died to ourselves
Time we planted hope and Time we saw miracles
Time we killed in flesh (Not Literally) and Time we came clean in Spirit (Literally)
Time we tore everything apart and Time we rebuild it
Time we cried and Time we laughed
Time we grieved and Time we danced (He is not much of a dancer 😛 )
Time we throw everything away and Time we gathered them all
Time we held each other and Time we let go
Time we searched and Time we quit searching
Time we kept and Time we threw away
Time we were quiet and Time we spoke
Time we loved each other like there was no tomorrow and Time we hated like you know!!!
Time of war and Time of peace
A Time for everything under the Heaven (Written based on Ecclesiastes:3)

Be Justified by Faith!

Faith not that ends when sun goes down nor which reveals itself with shining sun.

Faith that believes in the unseen and hopes while long suffering in the darkness.

Your Transgressions are forgiven in Faith.

Justified by Faith

Faith is favorable in the time when you can’t figure it all out !

Once you know Faith “Inside Out” it’s hard to let go.

On way with My Faith there, soon I will proclaim my path to be glorified for His Name. 

Shouldn’t I be let down is impossible, for the “Almighty” I worship is not of this place.

Once again I declare ” Be Justified by Faith “.

A Cup Full Of Tea

In the Morning I lay awake… fluttering my eye lids and I tell myself its another day. Thoughts gush through my mind like a hurricane, I take a deep breath and say I need a quiet time. In the mirror I see myself standing, I gaze at those eyes and wonder how much have you seen. I call myself wise and heave warm water on my face hoping to see my eyes loose some heft. In my corner I sit with my much loved cup full of tea.

How I would love to see a garden full of trees… my thoughts sprout and I know I need to weed, but I let them grow for I am blinded by my need. Often watering it with my tears and forget to remember... He paid it all at the cross for me.

He who already shed everything He had, now resides in me. The Power of this thought overwhelms me from inside out and I open my eyes to find the presence I was longing for. Harvesting my thoughts in process, my head begins to lighten up. Then comes a word Get Up and Go!

You are ready to face this World for I AM with you.


Amazed how God works in me and you,

Amazed by His Mercy and Truth.

In accordance to what is in store, is completely onto what He has in mind.

Amazed By His work in me and you,

I stand here in awe at you.

He sits on His amazing Throne and looks at you, What of worth are you.

Amazed by His Mercy and Truth.

I will see His Glorious face one day,

That His purpose fulfilled in all His way.

How I Love thee with all my heart, with all that I am, with all that I will be.

Amazed by His Mercy and Grace.