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Herbal Hair Mask with Hibiscus to Control Hair Fall

Hibiscus Flower and Leaves:

Hibiscus flower can act as a wonderful remedy if you are facing hair fall problem. Regular usage of hibiscus flower and leaves can easily restrict hair fall, dandruff and graying of hair. I have a few more videos that is coming up in how to use this flower and leaves into your hair care routine.

Also a few causes of hair loss to really understand why we are facing what we are facing today.

1. Inappropriate nutrition
2. Split ends
3. Stress
4. Medication, like steroids
5. Anxiety
6. Aging
7. Hormonal imbalance
8. Genetic
9. Excessive smoking
10. Vitamin B6 and folic acid deficiency

These are only a few causes, but hair loss could be for many reasons, which is why we need to make sure we know how to stop it. As I always believe, there are only solutions and not problems :)

Hope this helped you and see you in my next post.



“Why I Love Jesus”

Joanna Grant Thank you for nominating me for “Why I Love Jesus”, while the Ice bucket nomination was going viral. I am very glad we can take this time in pinning down on Why “We Love Jesus”.

Many know me well enough to know I went crazy on Jesus just over 4 years ago and all they saw on my Facebook wall is Jesus and Love and my crazy loving thoughts on Him. Well life has brought me safe to this point to openly declare and share my love for Him! My love for him has always been there over ages, I believe when he created me.

On that day when I came to fathom that my earthly father walked out on us and I pondered and assumed it was all my fault. Well at least every child in that state and situation thinks it’s always their fault that “Daddy left because of Me”. Well everything seemed better when reality came out in other words, I grew up and figured out all by myself, he left and found myself another Mommy. The hated the word “Father” and anything to do with “Dad” or Men! pretty unfair don’t you think?

Little did I know the father who created me in heaven loved me enough to have Him all for Himself ! Over 4 years ago I encountered Him “I heard Him when I opened the bible with willing heart to know about this “Jesus” who I merely knew was a man who died on tree/cross for his people and I thought he must be a great Man to do that for Humanity. Just when I opened the bible, I saw the white pleasant light which blinded my eyes to this world came upon me that night and through it came a voice saying “It is Done” I have waited all your life for this moment”. “It is Time Come to Me” “I am Here” “I am Waiting” “It is Done” “My Daughter”…. I knew this Beautiful Voice instantly it was “Jesus”. Seated on the couch, I fell on my face down on the Holy Bible covering my face with my palms and wept and wept until I could not weep anymore. Immense, Love, Joy, Peace overwhelmed, surround and clothed me with the pleasant white light, and I was baptized with the Holy Sprite. From that very moment I walked from Day to Day, loving Him with all my heart.

Jesus you are my everything in every way possible. I love you because you loved me first! You know me from inside out and I have nothing to hide.

You died for me and I have accepted your love and I love you with every breath of mine. I will have no other “Father” no other “God” no other “Anyone” or “Anything” before you because I LOVE YOU!

I wait to see you Face to Face. I wait to cling to you like a little child would and go where ever you go, because I didn’t have a chance to incomprehensibly follow my earthly father. I will call you Daddy a Gazillion times and annoy you with a Bazillion stupid questions, just so I can hear your voice over and over again. And walk with you firmly holding your hand and refusing to let go at any cost, smiling with confidence at every step we take that you will not leave or forsake.

“I Adore You Jesus”

I Nominate everyone who wants to share their Story….

Much Love


Nails & Faith

Nails & Faith

As I was trimming my nails, I saw those brittle looking and feeling edges and wondered my faith sometimes is same, unless I take the time to refresh & clean up, just like doing my nails would help my faith stay strong too. Like nails everyone needs their faith trimmed and kept fresh and clean.

It may sound funny but faith needs to be trimmed time to time and kept fresh and strong. Sometimes all of us get to that point “ I am losing all my Faith” or “I have Lost all Faith”. I have been there! That's when your faith is chipped and weak and needs trimming, cleaning & filing to keep it feeling fresh strong and healthy. Sometimes you could polish them as well with the word of God.

However, this is my thought and my Faith needs Trimming, Cleaning and Filing at times and I will continue doing this because, I am not giving up! And I believe neither should you 

In the end I will always have Clean Nails and Fullest Faith.

A Time for everything under the Heaven!

A Time for everything under the Heaven!

Time we were born in Love, And Time we died to ourselves
Time we planted hope and Time we saw miracles
Time we killed in flesh (Not Literally) and Time we came clean in Spirit (Literally)
Time we tore everything apart and Time we rebuild it
Time we cried and Time we laughed
Time we grieved and Time we danced (He is not much of a dancer 😛 )
Time we throw everything away and Time we gathered them all
Time we held each other and Time we let go
Time we searched and Time we quit searching
Time we kept and Time we threw away
Time we were quiet and Time we spoke
Time we loved each other like there was no tomorrow and Time we hated like you know!!!
Time of war and Time of peace
A Time for everything under the Heaven (Written based on Ecclesiastes:3)

Be Justified by Faith!

Faith not that ends when sun goes down nor which reveals itself with shining sun.

Faith that believes in the unseen and hopes while long suffering in the darkness.

Your Transgressions are forgiven in Faith.

Justified by Faith

Faith is favorable in the time when you can’t figure it all out !

Once you know Faith “Inside Out” it’s hard to let go.

On way with My Faith there, soon I will proclaim my path to be glorified for His Name. 

Shouldn’t I be let down is impossible, for the “Almighty” I worship is not of this place.

Once again I declare ” Be Justified by Faith “.

A Cup Full Of Tea

In the Morning I lay awake… fluttering my eye lids and I tell myself its another day. Thoughts gush through my mind like a hurricane, I take a deep breath and say I need a quiet time. In the mirror I see myself standing, I gaze at those eyes and wonder how much have you seen. I call myself wise and heave warm water on my face hoping to see my eyes loose some heft. In my corner I sit with my much loved cup full of tea.

How I would love to see a garden full of trees… my thoughts sprout and I know I need to weed, but I let them grow for I am blinded by my need. Often watering it with my tears and forget to remember... He paid it all at the cross for me.

He who already shed everything He had, now resides in me. The Power of this thought overwhelms me from inside out and I open my eyes to find the presence I was longing for. Harvesting my thoughts in process, my head begins to lighten up. Then comes a word Get Up and Go!

You are ready to face this World for I AM with you.