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Hot Oil for Faster Hair Growth & Stop Premature Greying by Using Curry Leaves

Why Curry Leaves?

Curry leaves rejuvenate damaged hair follicles and also obtain essential nutrients which help restore hair follicles’ strength. This boosts your hair growth and also make you hair stronger.

Some benefits:

♥ Reduce hair thinning
♥ Premature hair greying
♥ Moisturized scalp
♥ Prevent hair loss

I am trying to keep my post short and to the point :)



Click on the link below to see the full video

3 DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy, Dry and Damaged Hair – August

☛Banana & Eggs Hair Mask


→2 or 1 ripe-overripe bananas
→Two Eggs - depending on the length and thickness of Hair


TAKE 2 or 1 ripe-overripe bananas and place in blender. Add in 1 or 2 eggs depending on the length and thickness of Hair into blender and mix until the bananas are completely smooth. Make sure you have a fine paste so it’s easy to apply and remove it from you hair. POUR into a bowl and then apply all over your hair generously making sure to cover your ends especially. If you have a shower cap put it on read a book or watch Ellen Show :D

LET it sit for 20-25 minutes and then wash out in shower.

→You may also add some lemon juice to this mixture as an anti-dandruff solution.
→You may combine mashed banana with yogurt (without flavorings and sugar) and a couple of drops of honey.
→One of the best solutions for frizzy and dry hair is almond oil. Soak almonds and finely ground them along with one banana into smooth paste.
→Add honey, olive oil into Banana Paste to add more moisture into your hair.


Bananas have plenty of health benefits and help making your hair soft, glossy and thick. With the use of various banana hair masks you may cure your dry, fizzy hair and prevent their fall.

Eggs are packed with numerous nutrients that make it one of the most perfect foods in our diets. Eggs are well known for their very rich source of protein. In fact, the protein found in eggs is the highest quality protein you can ever find in any food. Here is a brief summary of nutrients in egg for healthy hair.

→Protein. Nourishes the hair roots for Hair growth.
→Fatty Acids. Give your hair a natural glossy shine.
→Potassium. For healing dry damaged hair.
→Vitamin A. Prevents hair breakage.
→ Vitamin D. Prevents hair loss and balding.
→Vitamin B12. For hair growth.

Bananas are simply the best fruits one can find available at all seasons. Bananas are incredible beauty fruits, as they are super rich in potassium, vitamins, anti-oxidants and contain natural oils and moisture. Use a boosting homemade banana hair mask for its amazing moisturizing properties, strengthening hair to prevent breakage and split ends, maintaining natural hair elasticity as well as making hair appear bouncy and healthy.

→Potassium. For healing damaged dry hair.
→Vitamin A. Strengthen hair follicles as well as nourishing dry hair.
→Vitamin E. Promotes healthy hair and scalp.
→Vitamin C. Hair oil regulation.

☛Honey & Water

Honey acts in two different ways to prevent hair loss. Acts as a humectant and prevents hair loss by preventing loss of moisture. The high sugar content of honey helps to retain water and thereby maintains moisture content of hair. In fact this moisture content helps to keep the cuticle soft.

Anti-bacterial property: The anti-bacterial property of honey helps to have a healthy scalp. This reduces the risk of dandruff and thus, hair fall.
Benefits of honey for hair

Makes the hair lustrous and shiny: Increased exposure to sun makes the hair dry and lusterless. This lost shine can be brought back with Honey.

An excellent hair conditioner: One of the interesting benefits of honey for hair is it serves as a conditioner to the hair. Whether you have oily hair or dry hair it doesn't really matter.

Things to keep in mind while using honey for hair:

→Do not heat honey to enjoy its properties.
→Mix honey with water or oils or other watery ingredients due to sticky nature of honey you might end up tangling your hair and damaging it.

☛Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar removes scaly/clumpy build-up or residue from hair shafts and closes the cuticles. Since residue coats the hair causing it to look dull, removing residue gives your hair more shine. By closing the cuticles, the hair slides more easily and there will be fewer tangles. Vinegar has a tonic action that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin. When used regularly in your natural hair care routine, apple cider vinegar can revitalize your hair, leaving it soft and smooth.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

1 part apple cider vinegar – As shown or Mix as per your hair length and thickness
1 part water - As shown or Mix as per your hair length and thickness


To revive your hair to its days of smoothness, mix the apple cider vinegar and water together. After shampooing, pour the mixture into your hair. If you have a spray bottle, that works even better. That way you can spritz your hair with the mixture and massage it into your scalp. Let the apple cider vinegar concoction sit for a few minutes before rinsing fully with water. No need to use conditioner! The apple cider vinegar will leave hair feeling smooth and soft.


Mango & Yogurt Hair Mask

You should give it a try yourself to see the benefits!
Mango & Yogurt Hair Mask

Mango is High in Vitamins A, C & E which provides a beautiful natural  shine to even the most dullest hair.

Mango Mask can totally transform your hair, leave it strong and healthy even after few days after initial application. Then what a regular use can do! Wow!

Summers are mango Season and you get them for cheapest and make complete use of this fruit and you hair will thank you later.

And its also has several other benefits

Treatment of Dandruff:

Mango contains vitamin A which helps in fighting dandruff and adding shine to your hair. It is often used as an ingredient in hair moisturizers. Mangoes contain vitamin E which improves scalp circulation and encourages hair growth.

Treatment of Hair Loss and Grey Hair:

Mango seed oil is an excellent source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  You can prepare this oil by removing the outer coat of the mango seed and adding them to a jar of coconut, almond or olive oil and place this jar in the sunlight for a few days. Using this concoction regularly will make your hair long, black and thick and prevent hair loss. – I am making a video of the same to see the results myself.

That’s all for now. Take Care!

Click here to watch my Video on Mango Hair Mask





Avocado & Milk Hair Mask

Wait! did you know that, the early Egyptians were the first to realize Avocado's benefits and it is now more widely known. They used this fruit because it prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. How cool is that! Hair fall issues back then and even now... Looks like women from a long time have been battling hair fall.

Avocados are rich in potassium, Vitamin E, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fiber, folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, copper and protein and have been used in treating a ton of skin and hair ailments. Also, avocado is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Their natural fatty richness are good for skin and hair.

Instead of buying Avocado hair mask you can always make one and know for sure its 100% Avocado ingredient you have used.

What you need

o Avocado 1
o Full Cream Milk or Full Cream Milk Powder either one should do :)

What you need

This amazing fruit can do wonders to your scalp and hair only if you give it a chance. Trust me!

It's easy as abcd... Pick a ripped avocado fruit and mash it fine or use a blender in case your are lazy.

Add one or if you feel generous two spoon full cream milk powder and blend well... See was'n that easy.

Now apply it all over your head and let it soak for 30 to 45 mins and rinse through with Shampoo and Conditioner.. if you want to see how amazing this is skip the conditioner and you will see the difference it made in your hair and scalp.

Avocado Benefits for Hair

I know there are many benefits, but I would like to state all the proven results on my hair

o It moisturized hair
o Rejuvenated my scalp
o Added tons ad tons of shine to my hair
o It helped & healed my dry damaged ends
o My hair felt full and healthy and I was happy as a little girl♥

Adding to this, for some reason my hair turned a bit black and I was Pleasantly Surprised!

Speaking of side effects, there are very few sides effects to this fruit unless you consume it. However, since we are not consuming this. We can totally skip this and make it short and sweet to read.

Milk Benefits For Hair

o It helps dry and rough hair
o Excellent conditioner
o Adds shiny hair

If you want to know how to apply it then click on the below link :)


turmeric for Hair

Turmeric for Hair – Really?

I have boggled my mind with trying to get rid of Dry Skin / Dandruff for several months until I started discovering that help was in my kitchen. Sometimes we do not really see the cure that is available around us but go looking for it elsewhere… have you done that? Well I certainly was not only looking but was also running to seek answers to cure my dry scalp for it was so uncomfortable to live life with skin flaking and falling off 24/7 365 days… Disgusting right!

But not all of us are born into perfection and one needs to work on attaining perfection is what I believe! Be it Life, Character, Skin, Hair and so on…

While researching on this, I figured out that not many have shared on how to use this, but just its benefits. So I was curious enough to try it on my hair in numerous ways and to reap much benefit out of this wonderful spice that has several healing abilities to it.

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Treatment for Dandruff:

1. Warm-up your favorite hair oil for 10 to 20 seconds in a microwavable container. Drop a few pinches of turmeric powder into the warm oil and mix it well. Comb your hair thoroughly to untangle and use your fingers to massage the oil mixture into your scalp and hair well. Plastic wrap for 15 to 20 minutes before shower time. It removes the signs of dandruff by increasing circulation in your scalp and provides nutrition to your hair follicles.

You can also steam your hair if you have a steamer (mild steaming) with plastic wrap on or use a hot towel (Not White Certainly). Also keep aside a towel especially for this treatment since turmeric has a strong color to it and it might leave your towels with its color.

2. Prevents Hair Loss:

Turmeric mixed with any of your hair pack.

• Yogurt and Turmeric
• Honey Milk and Turmeric
• Egg and Turmeric
• Avocado Honey and Turmeric
• Coconut Milk / Cream & Turmeric
• Strawberry Antioxidant Pack For Hair Growth with Turmeric
• Fenugreek Hair Mask For Dandruff / Hair Fall with Turmeric
• Gram Flour Protein Hair Pack with Turmeric

Many More Hair masks will be posted soon!

Turmeric can be used in the treatment of various scalp conditions such as dermatitis and eczema that can lead to itchy, flaky skin, inflammation and thinning of hair. Fungal infections can also cause hair loss. Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric is effective against these ailments due to its anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

TURMERIC SIDE EFFECTS - Since we are not consuming Turmeric :). We are left with very little side effects.

1. Allergic Reaction

Turmeric is generally safe in individuals of all age groups if consumed within 1500 mg/ day; however, some individuals may develop nausea, vomiting, gastric upset or diarrhea with high (or sometimes with normal doses). Turmeric containing ointments and lotions may lead to skin allergy, rash and burning sensation in some genetically susceptible individuals. In severe cases, hives, contact dermatitis and anaphylaxis may also develop

If you have a known history of allergy to organic coloring agents (especially yellow colored agents that include curcumin, there are fair chances that you will also be allergic to turmeric. In addition, since turmeric and ginger are members of same family, individuals who have allergy to any member of ginger family may also develop reaction to turmeric