I have been over thinking life in general and sometimes wonder why  I waste my time in worry. 
It’s become a struggle rather…

Here are 5 Habits to help me avoid overthinking


  1. Wake up early

  2. Cold shower

  3. Meditation

  4. Playing with Ahavah

  5. Bed time yoga

Law of attraction and more!

A believer of/in Christ! Been Hindu all my life and 2011 I came to know Christ and His teachings.

Then, I was just a Christian and in 2017 when I was a single mother while 2 months pregnant is when everything I believed in came crumbling down.

Was God not real I asked? Then life took a turn while I struggled to live the truth and rejection. (was darkest moments of my life)

My spiritual parents who helped rise and love again, and showed me what believing and truth looks like : LOVE

I dove deeper into WORD and learnt that nothing was to separate me from that LOVE. People call it God, universe, power whatever but I found that with Jesus.

His teachings was about what: I believe I receive: and what I speak will come forth: and what I choose, I am become and so the Law of attraction is all about that.

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