Hi I am


I am a believer, seeker, lover of the power that created this magnificent universe.

I have come to an understanding that there is more to me and there is so much of life to live and manifest.

Being real is something I am working on and uncovering my masks to find my purpose and live an abundant life is my goal.

It is true that changing the way I think and being very conscious about what I think has helped me overcome some of the greatest struggles and setbacks.

I am a mother (single mother) to my beautiful daughter Ahavah

Meet my spiritual parents!

Meet my spiritual parents, Pastors Vamsi and Mercy.
They are beings of love who boldly stand for the truth, and I love and adore them.
I owe it to them for raising me up in grace and truth; for speaking life over and into me; for guiding and encouraging me every step of the way; for correcting me in love; and, most of all, for always being there for me.
Their heart is my safe place and my home to grow in Him.

Moving forward, pushing through, applying the WORD and making it a reality is my priority.
I am glad you’re here reading my post and I hope you enjoy it.
Vibing Love,